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Published on February 4th, 2004 | by Matt Haberfeld



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What is Gunbound?

Gunbound is an online multiplayer 2d shooting game similar to Worms and Scorched Earth. Each player picks a vehicle called a mobile and attempts to shoot mobiles on the opposite team by adjusting their angle and power. There are 16 different mobiles, each with their own unique weapons, and 11 different items that all mobiles can use to enhance their damage or heal themselves. The game is free to play.

What does this game do well?

Although Gunbound has kiddie graphics and is rather simple at heart, it is incredibly addictive with a strong system of rewards. You are rewarded in the form of gold pieces for high damage shots, high angle shots, or killing an opponent among other things. You can use these gold pieces to buy equipment for your avatar such as sunglasses, hats, body armor, and even your nation’s flag. You also gain experience for every game you play, so you can measure you skill against the other 800,000 players in Gunbound.

There are a wide variety of mobiles, and every type of player will find at least one that they like. While some of them deal more raw damage than others, all of them are useful in certain situations and most of them see regular use in games. There are also 2 secret mobiles that you can only get by picking “random” as your mobile. Most of the time picking random will give you one of the 14 regular mobiles, but occasionally you get a special mobile that does more damage than the others, although they are not as easy to use.

There are four game types that are each interesting in their own way. Solo mode is the normal game in which you pick one mobile and when it is destroyed you are done for the round. However, you can randomly drop dynamite or hammers on your enemies while you wait for the game to finish. Tag mode is similar to solo, except that you pick 2 mobiles and can switch between them at any time during your turn, so you effectively have a greater chance of staying alive. Score mode is slightly different. Each team has 5 team lives, and when anyone on the team dies, one of the team lives is used up and that player respawns onto the map. The first team to run out of team lives loses. This introduces a new level of strategy into the game, because killing a single player doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but when you are down to the last life, killing anyone means the whole team loses. The last game type is Jewel, which is an interesting change of pace. Instead of trying to kill each other, the game places targets on the map that teams have to destroy to earn points. More jewels drop randomly as time progresses, and the first team to rack up 100 points worth of jewels is the winner.

What could this game have done better?

The only bad thing about Gunbound is that it is heavily played by 10-17 year olds. This in itself is not a bad thing, but if you play a lot of video games then you know that internet teenagers are the most racist, profane, and ignorant people on the planet. So if you are easily offended by foul language or inappropriate comments, I would advise you to stay away from Gunbound because you will get way more than you can handle.

Gunbound has no documentation of any kind, so you will have to learn through the process of making mistakes and generally dying to more experienced players. Everyone is a “n00b” at some point, but because this is a team game your teammates will probably be mad at you for not performing more adequately. I also think it’s fair to say that every game should have documentation of some kind. There is not even in game help that explains what the controls are.

Should I buy this game?

The easiest way to sum up Gunbound is that it is extremely fun and addictive, and extremely free. So give it a try as long as you can handle the excessive foul language that emanates out of different teenagers around the world.

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